Step out and Lead. Bring your Flock together.


Flock Interactive is a company based in Atlanta, GA with a comprehensive background in the technical and creative challenges facing small businesses today. In a world where groundbreaking technologies are released almost daily it can be a challenge simply to keep up with those changes and nearly impossible to stay ahead of them, keeping you operating behind the ball.

That is where we come in. With years of hands on experience and an eye for the future of technology our staff work hard to make sure that you are kept safe, efficient and effective in your communications with everyone involved with your organization. Whether it is your customers, your audience or your employees, we keep your Flock flying together and in the right direction.

While Flock Interactive itself has only recently launched in 2010, the founder has nearly ten years of experience in web design and development building his first websites when he was barely fourteen. Give us a call and let us know what you need. We will be happy to help you.